John Doyle Stressed out! (Englisches Programm)

John Doyle Stressed out! (Englisches Programm)
Mittwoch | 21. März 2018 | 20:00 Uhr

Lets face it…people are mega stressed out these days.
And it’s not just because of the big 3: Terror, Trump and Twitter.
People are stressed out at work, in their relationships and even on vacation!
And then there’s everyone else:
Old people are stressed because they’re not allowed to be old.
Young people are stressed because they’re not allowed to be young.
Little kids are stressed because they’re learning Mandarin Chinese in kindergarten! Not in high school or in college but in kindergarten of all places!
And their parents are stressed out because they’re worrying the whole time: “did we start too late? Is kindergarten too late?”
And speaking of language stress…a guy came up to me recently and asked me, with a rather sad, stressed-out expression on his face: “why do we have to speak English in Germany? We live in Germany and in Germany people speak Turkish!”
And he’s right! People do speak Turkish in Germany! And English, and German and now Chinese I guess! And in Kindergarten!

How could ANYONE not be STRESSED OUT in today’s world?

But there is hope. And it goes like this…
We may not be able to avoid stress, but we can certainly laugh at it once in a while, in John Doyle’s 90-minute English stand-up Show: “STRESSED OUT!”