Saravá with DJ Tahira (São Paulo) & Pedo Knopp

Saravá with DJ Tahira (São Paulo) & Pedo Knopp
Freitag | 12. Juli 2019 | 21:00 Uhr

Trust Your Audience x Kalakuta Soul Records present:
♥ música e alegria ♥
♫ Brazilian music all night long ♫

♫ special guest: DJ Tahira (São Paulo) ♫
♫ host: Pedo Knopp (Saravá, Trust Your Audience) ♫

After a Saravá session extraordinaire with Tahira in June last year we managed to fix another date for this summer. DJ Tahira is one of São Paulo’s hardest working and highly esteemed DJs and music collectors. Whereas most diggers of Brazilian music tend to gravitate towards regional takes on American funk & soul Tahira squares in on the country’s rich musical lineage as part of the greater African diaspora, with a pronounced emphasis on African rhythms. Tahira connects the dots between the country’s rich musical history, carving out an alternate trajectory for black Brazilian culture that values afro-futurism over copycat funk/soul aesthetics.

Tahira is famed for his dj-mixes & edits of musical treasures from the vast canon of Brazilian music, among these his take on GILBERTO GIL’s famous ode to the ladies of Bahia: »Toda Menina Baiana« which was approved by the legend himself and has become a classic at our parties.

in Spring 2018 Tahira released his first compilation via our friends from Jazz & Milk. »LEVANTA POEIRA (Afro- Brazilian music & rhythms from 1976 – 2016)« highlights a few Afro-Brazlian gems you will know from the Saravá jamborees and encompasses a variety of Brazil’s regional musical styles influenced by African and Amerindian forms while blending genres and eras in a typical Tahira style.

Tahira’s sets will be framed with Pedo Knopp’s selections. ♫

admission: 5€ before 22h / 8h from 22h

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