The UP CLUB: A Dream Within

The UP CLUB: A Dream Within
Samstag | 29. Februar 2020 | 23:00 Uhr

Dreaming of hot vibes in this cold season we’ve invited yet another two super special guest DJs to join our residents on the decks⦂


Some of you may remember him from one of his previous encounters in Frankfurt’s night life. May it be as singer and frontman of »Les Synapses«, behind the turntables playing the trippiest sounds, an eclectic dancer till the early morning or all three combined. If that wasn’t enough he’s also co-organising the amazing »Mess My Mind« weekender that’s worth travelling to Le Havre for.
He’s definitely here for a good time and will sure as hell let you have one too!


This groovy fella has quite a few feathers in his cap too considering his young age! Being part of »Technicolor Dream Productions« he’s regularly organising gigs and parties in his hometown Lille and DJing there. In addition to that he’s a constant traveller all across France and the rest of Europe to either DJ at parties and weekenders or attend them to dance and soak up new sounds.

PLUS your hosts and noctambulistic nomads⦂


All vinyl and far-out analogue light show all night long!

Get ready to get your mind blown at Frankfurt’s ultimate psychedelic underground!!

Doors — 23:00 // 5€

Was heute noch los ist...